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Thread: Filters

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    I have a Fugi FinePix S5000 and I just bought 2 filters for it, a circular polarizer and a Macro. Does anyone have any tips for making my pictures better?

    Also, with the Macro filter do I stilluse the Macro setting on my camera?

    I am new to photography (4 months) and I am enjoying it! I am looking to greatly improve.

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    Polarizers and Macro Photography

    Welcome to the wonderful world of digital photography!

    One of the best things about using a digital camera is you can see the results of your shots immediately. That being the case, just screw that macro filter on and see what happens in macro and normal modes. If it works in macro mode, you'll find out rght away. The main thing to check for is focus. It's possible that the focus won't work right with the macro filter and the camera in macro mode. I expect it will work fine, though. It should just give you more magnification.

    Circular polarizing filters do a few things. The main effects are darker blue skies, increased color saturation, and decreased reflections on glass, metal, water, etc. The main use for most photographers is making the sky darker and more blue. Polarizers work best for skies in early to mid-morning and mid-afternoon to late evening. The best effect is achieved with the camera at a 90 degreee angle to the sun. In other words, in mid-morning, you shoot straight north or south for maximum polarization. The polarization effect on the sky will change as you change the angle of your camera and/or roatate the outer ring of the filter. I pretty much always have a circular polarizing filter on my SLR cameras when I'm doing outdoor photography. They also help increase saturation on green foliage, which is important for outdoor photography.

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