Deciding to get a digital camera seems simple at first, but soon all the different options and lingo start to get overwhelming. The members here will be more than happy to help, but please take the following into account before posting your questions.

  • First, take a look at the user-posted reviews on this site.

  • Try to have a clear idea of what you will be using the camera for, and what you would like to use it for if/when your skills improve in the future. Shooting posed family pictures is completely different from shooting sports or wildlife, each requires a different approach, and it helps us to know that in advance so we can make a better recommendation.

  • Please understand that not everyone here has had access to every single model camera out there and can give a clear comparison. Someone might have experience with camera A and someone else with camera B, but few might have experience with both.

  • On a similar note, if you would like input on which camera to choose from several, please provide the specs for the cameras you're comparing. This will save the readers from chasing down the info, and make your post more likely to be read and answered. If the pertinent info is there for them to see, they are more likely to chime in with an opinion.

  • How will the images be reproduced? If all you're ever going to do is email or make 4x6 prints, than we would recommend a different setup than someone who wants to frame 16x24 inch prints of majestic landscapes on a regular basis.

Keeping these suggestions in mind when posting will make it easier on those responding and will improve the quality of help you receive. Thanks!