ORLANDO -- February 17, 2005 -- At the Photo Marketing Association's (PMA) annual conference, SeeFile, a Boston-based start-up, will introduce a software package that not only simplifies the process of creating online catalogs, but makes the process and maintenance quite affordable. The Macintosh-based software is aimed at photographers, designers, and smaller graphic arts shops who are looking for a way to promote their work and interact with customers on the Internet. Traditional solutions to this problem have cost as much as $50,000. The SeeFile system is being introduced at PMA for an early adopter's special price of $995, including hardware. Once plugged into a network, it provides instant Web access for any images stored on the system.

User Quote...

The company's latest development brings online technology well within the reach of most small and midsize photolabs, as well as individual professional and even pro-sumer photographers. John Harrington, a successful pro photographer based in Washington, DC, with customers as diverse as the Washington Post and XM Satellite Radio, has been an early adopter of SeeFile for his office. "The product is amazing at what it does, and the company is always adding new functionality. With SeeFile, my sites just update when I save files to my server, and my customers can browse thumbnails, view previews, download and even post comments for me from any Web browser. Clients download high-res images while I'm off to the next photo shoot. SeeFile closed the gap from several stopgap measures."

SeeFile Quote...

"For many photographers, designers and service shops, the key to success lies in showing their work on the net," noted SeeFile President Sam Bogoch. "Our aim was to create a solution that just about any graphic arts pro could adopt and use without investing heavily in both time and dollars. SeeFile 1.5 does just this, while providing the features that allow users to go beyond just posting their work online."

SeeFile 1.5 Features...

SeeFile 1.5 software allows users an easy pathway to online catalogs while also offering:

-- Images can be drag-n-dropped on the user's desktop, and appear instantly on the website for easy set up and updating.

-- Control of access to defined image and file groups, so that viewers only see the images and files the owner needs them to;

-- Messaging capabilities so service providers can easily message clients about job status, guide clients to specific images on the system, or alert clients to new updates;

-- Search features that allow clients to search the complete website (that they have access to) for images, text, and other updates;

-- An easy expansion path for users to grow the system to larger workgroup and corporate configurations, without retraining or reinstallation.

Special Mac mini Bundle...

SeeFile and its dealers worldwide are pre-installing the software on Mac mini systems and delivering the turnkey solution to customers. For PC-based networks, the Mac mini offers a simple solution that can be easily used to host the SeeFile software. Clients can access the website from any platform. The bundled solution is selling for just $995 at the PMA show.

Apple Xserve Configurations...

For larger outfits needing the power of a centralized server that can also catalog images as they are stored, SeeFile is recommending Apple's award-winning G5 Xserve hardware as an ideal vehicle for its software. Complete solutions with SeeFile's Bureau version start at under $5,000 and can grow to terabytes of storage with full RAID security using Apple's Xserve RAID subsystems.

About SeeFile...

SeeFile LLC is an independent software company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Its CEO, Sam Bogoch, was previously CEO of Torque Systems, a systems integrator for the graphic arts. The product manager for SeeFile, Jeff Kurson, was previously a key programmer at the successful Web software and content company Ask Jeeves.

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