New C1 RAW Workflow software LE version for MAC

August 2, 2004, Copenhagen, Denmark: Phase One, the world leader in professional digital imaging camera backs and software, announces C1 RAW Workflow software LE (Limited Edition) for MAC.

The objective of the C1 LE software is to provide professional photographers with:
  • An affordable RAW conversion workflow for professional RAW shooting
  • A RAW converter that provides the quality RAW conversion from your DSLR
  • An easy-to-use workflow which prepares RAW files without the need for other imaging

    C1 LE workflow for Canon, Nikon, Olympus & Pentax
    C1 LE handles RAW files from the following DSLR cameras: Canon: 10D / 300D Rebel / D60 / D30, Nikon: D100 / D70, Olympus: E-1 / E-10 / E-20 as well as Pentax *istD. C1 LE is available for Mac OS X 2.8 and later or Windows XP/2000.

    C1 LE provides unbeatable image quality
    More than 25,000 photographers benefit from working with Phase One’s C1 RAW workflow
    software every day. DSLR users save hours of work in editing, processing and improving the quality of their RAW images with C1. Phase One’s world renowned image processing algorithm ensures that RAW files are processed into TIFF or JPEG with the best achievable image quality.

    Top 10 workflow features offered by C1 LE
    • Level & Curve adjustments: Ability to adjust levels and curves in real time.
    • Exposure, contrast or saturation compensation: Ability to compensate for poor
      exposure (+/- 2.5 F-stops), adjust contrast and saturation.
    • White balance: Ability to adjust the white balance.
    • Image tagging and sorting to optimize the image editing process.
    • ICC compliant: Ability to apply predefined ICC input profiles and process images
      into commonly used RGB color spaces. 3rd party profiles can be imported into C1.
    • EXIF display: Ability to display camera EXIF information.
    • Apply to all: Ability to apply adjustments and settings to all or selected captures.
    • 16 bit output: Ability to output files in 8 or 16 bit TIFF.
    • Output scaling: Ability to output files in 100% or less.
    • Batch processing: Ability to batch process up to 20 images. Batch processing is done in the background allowing the photographer to work on other images at the same time.

    C1 RAW Workflow software is available in 3 different versions the C1 PRO at 599 $/ , the C1 SE at 249 $/ , the C1 LE at 99 $/ to reflect the different needs of the professional photographers. Please see the comparison chart at for details on the individual versions. Preferential upgrade pricing is offered to existing users. In addition, Phase One offers best in class support with C1 tutorials, C1 online help, C1 software support forum, Knowledge base and C1 support web.

    Download trial version- TODAY!
    The C1 Raw Workflow software is available from leading pro photo dealers world wide as well as the three authorized C1 web sites: or (worldwide), (US) and (Asia).

    The official Support Forum for C1 DSLR is at:

    To learn more about Phase One’s products, visit the Phase One site at or