The Orange County Register Selects ImageRecall To Safeguard Its Digital News Photos From Accidental Deletion and Corruption

The Publication's Award-Winning Photographers Take ImageRecall Digital Photo Recovery Software on the Job Everyday on Wireless Laptops to Recover Lost Photos in the Field

FlashFixers announces that the Pulitzer Prize-winning Orange County Register has selected ImageRecall as the image recovery software of record for its newsgathering organization. After the transition to digital cameras, the Register's technical staff noticed a number of digital images taken in the field were lost because of accidental deletions, corrupted memory cards and errors caused by fast-writing professional cameras. Several staff photographers were given ImageRecall on a trial basis, and the situation immediately improved.

ImageRecall is now installed on all of The Orange County Register's news staff photographers' PowerBook G4s. It is also used by photo editors for big events, such as the Super Bowl and the Oscars. When pictures are taken in the field, they are e-mailed directly back to the paper using a WiFi connection. It is critical that users can trouble-shoot any lost image problems on their own. Moreover, if an editorial picture of an important news event is lost, the photo can't be retaken. With ImageRecall, in most cases, lost images can be recovered.

"We were able to rollout ImageRecall in a meaningful way for our organization, because it is simple to install and use," says Curt Norris, Publishing Systems analyst for The Orange County Register. "Our photographers can now easily perform their own recoveries without coming back to the office for help. In addition, because of its reasonable price, we installed it on all of our staff photographer's laptops."

"Losing images doesn't happen very often but when it does, it's usually Murphy's Law and a really important picture. Having ImageRecall is a great anti-Murphy device," notes Orange County Register Staff Photographer Leonard Ortiz. "Two days ago, my card got corrupted and I lost all my pictures. With ImageRecall, not only was I able to find those images, I even found some pictures I'd deleted several months ago."

ImageRecall uses an easy three-step process to retrieve lost digital photos from memory cards. It recovers all known camera image formats from all memory card types and manufacturers. ImageRecall is distributed by FlashFixers, a professional recovery service specializing in the retrieval of images and data from flash memory cards, hard drives, and other removable media. ImageRecall is compatible with Mac and Windows and can be purchased for $39.95 from the FlashFixers Web site (

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FlashFixers sells and supports ImageRecall in the North American market through an exclusive arrangement with ImageRecall and Media Innovations Group. FlashFixers also provides image and data recovery services to customers who prefer to outsource their recovery to a full service recovery lab.

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