The annual trick of the light is welcoming visitors to the fiery red falls at Yosemite National Park in California.

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The setting sun illuminates Horsetail Falls for a few weeks every year. February in a phenomenon known as "Fire Falls"

when conditions are right The falls look like lava spouting from thousands of foot cliffs.

This show lasts only a few minutes a day. But it attracts hundreds of visitors to the park every year.

Smog or even a bit of cloudiness can reduce or eliminate the impact, the National Park Service said, but "when the sun is set at the right angle," spokesman Scott Gediman told AFP. "It's wonderful."

California and most of the western United States. It has been suffering from drought for many years. Threatening the presence of forest fires

But the rains and massive flooding that devastated much of the west earlier this year have strained the state's water supplies. Make this year's waterfall photo perfect.