Wisdom tooth extraction is a must to prevent future dangers. But wisdom tooth extraction may have side effects that can occur. Although there is very little risk But if there are abnormalities after surgery for wisdom teeth You should see your dentist immediately.
The story of dental practice that many people fear. Apart from grinding teeth Fill your teeth as usual. Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common types of dental surgery. People try to avoid (Although it is inevitable) because he heard the sound of forgetting, claiming that it was pain, it was tortured and made it bad to eat for a long time. There are also dangers that we should be aware of.
What is a wisdom tooth?
Dr. Niwat Phanpaisan dental work Siriraj Hospital Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital stated that wisdom teeth are teeth that cannot be formed normally in the oral cavity. May only partially pop up Or buried in the entire jawbone
The tooth that is most often found to be wisdom tooth is the last lower molars. Which is the innermost of the lower jawbone Typically, these teeth should be 18-25 years old. They may appear upright, tilted, or horizontally. And is always close to the neighboring teeth In addition, other teeth It may be ingrown, such as canine teeth, premolar teeth, but less common than the last lower molars.
Wisdom tooth symptoms
We will know that a wisdom tooth occurs when it is found that only part of the tooth emerges. Or any missing teeth Your dentist may recommend an X-ray to see if there is an ingrown tooth in your gums.
Why is it necessary to dissect a wisdom tooth?
To prevent inflammation of the gums that cover the teeth Because food particles may get stuck under the gums Then cannot be cleaned Causing bacteria to accumulate, causing gingivitis Pain and purulent swelling If left unattended, the inflammation can spread under the chin or under the tongue, leading to the spread of the disease to other areas. Of the body easily
To prevent tooth decay Between the wisdom teeth and the second molars that are adjacent to each other. Difficult to clean Food particles can get stuck, causing both teeth to decay.
To prevent bone dissolution Because of the pressure from the wisdom teeth that are trying to push up Can cause the bones around the tooth root Or the nearby tooth root could be destroyed
To prevent the formation of cysts or สล็อต tumors Because of the wisdom teeth that have been left behind There may be tissue covering around the wisdom tooth. May cause tissue to enlarge into a cyst Then grew up without showing or feeling any symptoms Until the destruction of neighboring teeth And the bones around that area
To prevent jaw fractures Due to the presence of wisdom teeth implanted Will make the jawbone thinner than other locations Emergence of a weakness When you get an accident Or a concussion Jaw bone in that area is easily broken.
Some people have to cut wisdom teeth for orthodontics. The third molar must first be removed to make it easier to move other teeth.