Hey ya'll!

I just bought a Wein Digital Peanut slave for my Vivitar 285hv. It plugs right into the pc on the flash. It wiggles a bit and the connection is not 'firm'. Problem is that its not firing the flash. This is the new digital version which does not fire with other flashes pre-fire flash. Even my 2 Bee 800's arn't firing the Wein. So what do you think?

Perhaps I need to try fresh batteries in the Vivitar, but the current batteries are good, and the flash fires when I push the test button, and it's recycling good.

I'm wanting to use the Vivitar as a hairlight via the Wein slave.

I've used older Wein slaves on this same flash in the past and all was well, except the old slave would 'see' the flashes pre-fire, and would fire the 285hv prematurely.