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    don't tase me, bro! Asylum Steve's Avatar
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    Update on Irakly...

    I was very pleased to finally hear from Irakly yesterday. He answered an email I sent a couple of weeks ago.

    He says hi, and that he's doing ok, though still struggling with his terrible mishap:

    I'll be back, I promise

    Interestingly enough, he says photography is one of the few thing he is extremely confortable doing right now. Cool, huh?

    Oh, and he says he's discovered that an eye patch is definitely a "babe magnet"...
    "Riding along on a carousel...tryin' to catch up to you..."

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    Re: Update on Irakly...

    I can see how an eye patch would be a babe magnet. An air of mystery/bad boy is always a turn on

    Glad to hear he's doing better.

    I sleep, but I don't rest.

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    Re: Update on Irakly...

    Good to hear Steve.

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