Many people may have heard of "Multiple personality disorder" or have seen a movie with a character with multiple personality disorder This multi-personality disorder is not superslot the only fantasy created in the movie world. But it is a real mental disorder This disease affects the health of the patient. And often create problems in everyday life Causing the patient to act unintentionally This can include self-harm or suicide.
What is multiple personality disorder?
Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a type of psychiatric disorder in the dissociative disease group. (Dissociative Disorders) is now renamed as a disease of multiple identities. (Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)), but most people are more familiar with the name of a multi-personality disorder. The term "identity" refers to the sum of the characteristics of something that makes it known or Remember, people usually have only one identity. But people with multiple personality disorder or multiple identity disease There is often more than one identity. As a result of the mental process, mind, mind, memory, emotion, action and acceptance of one's own identity are completely separate. Disjoint Patients with this disease show intermittent and different behavior and emotions. Or have a divided personality As if there were many people in one body