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    Typical forest service road scene

    I was doing a bit of exploring on some forest service and logging roads yesterday. Not much caught my eye but I thought I'd do a little document on what any wide spot in one of those roads looks like around here. Only thing missing is some beer cans.
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    Re: Typical forest service road scene

    I posted his site in the "favorite photographers" thread, but have a look at Layne Kennedy's home page. He did a self-promotional post card from that shot and had a lot of interest from it - one call from a guy who explained what type of guns made the bullet holes...

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    Re: Typical forest service road scene

    freakin rednecks...

    they like destroying our signs around here too...

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    Re: Typical forest service road scene

    I was from the country and as soon as anyone put up a new mail box, before long it would have a bullet hole through it. Ours was one of them. It's a worry, thinking people drive those roads and one day someone might be hurt. We even had a bullet come through our house and was found in the bath tub. It was a solid and went through two walls. That was scary. Found out how it happened and who did it. Nothing was done.....
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