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    Two focus points?

    I received a set of extension tubes for my b'day and today I was seeing what they will do with my 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. I had on the 100mm plus all three (=68mm) extension tubes and was working near 1:1 on the focus. I made a small change and flipped it on AF to get close and was surprised that it went to near infinity to focus. I touched it up a little with MF and here is the shot.

    Two focus points?-dsc01981_800.jpg

    I then manually took it back to almost 1:1 and achieved focus there also. Here is that shot with no changes.

    Two focus points?-dsc01982_800.jpg

    I was amazed.

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    Re: Two focus points?

    That certainly is amazing close-up power!

    I may have to look into getting a set of old Pentax tubes myself.

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    Re: Two focus points?

    It is amazing what a set of extension tubes can do.

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    Re: Two focus points?

    Don't you just love playing with the tubes? I have a lot of fun with mine when I take the time to work with them creatively. Love that first shot.
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