The last day of the Tour de France passed within 3km of my village last Sunday so I couldn't really ignore it.

Plus I wanted to try the D7100 on a sporting event. All these people moaning that the D300 has never been replaced and the D7100 has a buffer which is too small..

The Tour de France is really a "spray and pray" event where you do a long burst of images and hope you've got something interesting.
- You find a good spot by the roadside. And you wait. When you hear the helicopters its time to get ready
- Suddenly a mass of cyclists comes into view. No sign of the leader despite his yellow outfit. Start shooting on automatic
- Catch a glimpse of the guy in yellow hidden behind his team members. Follow him as he flashes by at 30mph
- Keep on shooting until everyone has gone past

In 26 seconds I did 121 pictures. Not bad. The D7100 slowed down a bit after 20 seconds then picked up again.

The trick to avoid being blocked by the small buffer:
1. Shoot JPG
2. Choose the fastest SD card in existence (recommended by Nikon)

Tour de France by D7100-4983-045.jpgTour de France by D7100-4983-051.jpgTour de France by D7100-4983-068.jpgTour de France by D7100-4983-075.jpgTour de France by D7100-4983-081.jpg