Hello everybody!

Here is a toughie for all of you camera buffs!

I am quite interested in getting very (meaning: VERY) large DOF which lenses with a shift/tilt feature can provide.... Since I am only shooting 35mm and that all my gear is Nikon, I am left with two choices:
- buy these overly expensive fixed PC lenses (but then I need to sell my car!)
- buy a used bellow such as the PB-4 or PB-6 from Nikon. You can now find them for $200-300... and being broke, I don't mind carrying them around!

Are bellows really working for increasing DOF and compensating perspective distortion?

I suppose that (with a bellow) I can use the lenses that I am now using... however, I will probably loose some features such as AF and metering. Is this right?

I suppose also that the G lenses are not going to work with the older Nikon bellows. How about the 'new' PB-6?

PS: Bellows are usually advocated for close up work (and for the right reasons).... But nobody mentions perspective compensation and DOF...

Any suggestions? Thanks!