I just want to share with everyone some good news about using the classifieds on this forum. I've had such great experiences every time I've advertised, sold and purchased equipment from the classified ads on PR. I really encourage people to use them.

I've sold quite a few items including cameras (dslr & p&s), lenses and accessories at different times. Because I've sold to members here, the transactions have been wonderful. It's not just a "deal" when you buy or sell an item here because for the most part, both parties are members here. Every time I've either purchased or sold something, I have felt it was a fair deal on both sides. It's not only easy to go through the process, but it's fun. It's a wonderful experience when the person who purchased the item emails you and tells you how much they enjoy it! I've also made some friends through the years through these transactions. I've sold items other places, but it's never as much fun! Seriously!

I thought it would be good to share this publicly because the classifeds work! Not too many people use them unfortunately. But hey! Give it a shot. You never know what you can find there - great stuff - and wonderful, trustworthy people.