Suzhou Dongwu VS Wuhan three town, Wuhan Shown Downward Trend

Match Time:6/10/2021 19:35 Thursday (GMT+8)
Chinese Football Association Jia League -- Suzhou Dongwu VS Wuhan three town
Suzhou Dongwu Stats:
In Suzhou Dongwu last 10 matches, they got 3 Win, 4 Draw, 3 Loss, ranking 3rd in Group C.

Wuhan three town Stats:
In Wuhan three town last 10 matches, they got 5 Win, 3 Draw, 2 Loss, ranking 1st in Group Watch the best football matches at jackpot soccer tip

H2H Stats:
In their last 3 head-to-head matches, Suzhou Dongwu got 1 Win, 1 Draw, 1 Loss.

Suzhou Dongwu has only got 4 draws and 1 loss in the past five battles. Fortunately, Wuhan three town's form has also shown a downward trend. Suzhou Dongwu is likely to get 1 point in this round.

football tip1x2 Picks: Draw
HDP Picks: Suzhou Dongwu +0.5