The Edgars Adult Occupational Facilities near Barrie, Ontario are a big draw for Urban Explorers. It's big, there's lots to see, security is minimal, and it's dead easy to access. Recently the property has been used for Urban Combat training by the Canadian Armed Forces, the Ontario Provincial Police continue to use it for SWAT training, and it's been the set for the third season of "Canada's Worst Driver". It's a small town sitting empty. It started off it's life in 1952 as a Radar Station, tasked with detecting Russian Nuclear Bombers, as part of the Pine Tree Line. By 1962, it became obsolete and was sold to the Ontario government for around 200,000 dollars. It reopened in 1964 as an Adult Occupational Facility where lower functioning adults would go to live and learn skills both work related and social.

My first trip was in May of 2006 bravely lead by CopySix. It was a lot different place, security was lacking at best, we never even saw a patrol, every building was in decent shape considering, and we spent four hours. A year later, Edgars is much different, we actually saw security (before they saw us) so that we could make our escape, many buildings are now sealed up and inaccessible, the famous TTC bus is gone also, and the vandalism has taken its toll.

The main entrance sign. It would be cool if the old Airforce station sign was still up, but that's been long gone for awhile.

The Pool

The theater, in much rougher shape than it was when I went last year. The projector screen is ripped and there's an increased amount of graff along the walls. Also the first row is torn up.

The gym hasn't changed all that much

PMQ's or Private Married Quarters, basically houses. Didn't go near them, security was on the prowl

One of the Sunrooms in the Highview Building

Active radio towers, protected by an electric Fence.

Switch 'n Mould

Cargo Elevator in the Food Services Building

This mural was painted in the basement of the food services building, it makes no sense for it to be here.

A basement hall in the Food Services Building

Industrial Mixer in the kitchen

The Kitchen

Dark Halls

Workshops, or they used to be.

Food Services Building

The Former radar control center, sadly sealed, all the equipment (like the radar domes themselves) are long gone.

The Tower, your navagation point if entering the property at the back.

You can view the entire set at this link which includes photos from both trips.