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    Ramblings from my house

    The girls are playing Barbies on the landing at the top of the stairs (which, I might add, give you about a 1 foot wide path to get thru). I'm going up to make sure that their hair is combed, we have some things to do in a little bit. So I get up there, and am listening to the game for a bit. The one Barbie (her name is Blue, I'm assuming that's refering to the tone of her skin) is having her leg wrapped. Apparently, she fell off her horse and got bit by a snake. So I ask if the snake I see is the one that bit her, you know, the one with the big flower somehow attached to it's head. The reply, and I quote "no, that one is freeze dried so they can extract the venom to be used for medicine". Okay.

    Two of the other Barbies are half vampire. One has it's mouth bound shut so it can't bite anyone, but they feed it thru pipe (it eats food, not blood). The other is wearing nothing but some pink boots and a saddle. Although in the game it's not a saddle, it's a piece of hospital equipment, as she is in the hospital.

    My dog is peeling up the linolium in the front hall. Which, okay, it is going to be torn out and we are putting in stone tiles, but still. Stop eating the damn floor!

    I was in South Dakota last weekend at a workshop, and dh took the girls and the dog camping about 5 hours from here. They had a great time. I now have a mountain of laundry so high you can hardly see over the top.

    Back to the dog...if I am on the computer she sits underneath me for a while. Then she gets tired and lays down on the bottom shelf of the desk. So I bought a dog pillow thing for in the office, so she can lay by me when I work. I can only hope it doesn't suffer the same fate as her last bed. Which she ate. Yup. Chewed it right up. Swallowed some, I tossed the rest.

    All is good and right in the world here. This is my normal everyday life if we don't have errands when I'm not working. Sometimes I wonder about those moms who say they get bored staying home. They need to spend some time here with me.

    taken with our digi-elph.
    I sleep, but I don't rest.

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    Moderator of Critiques/Hearder of Cats mtbbrian's Avatar
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    Re: Ramblings from my house

    You never mentioned what the workshop was in SD.
    Was it a photography one?
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    Re: Ramblings from my house

    I kinda wanted to see a picture of the Barbie with pink boots and a saddle.
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    Re: Ramblings from my house

    Quote Originally Posted by adina
    Sometimes I wonder about those moms who say they get bored staying home. They need to spend some time here with me.
    I know the feeling adina. People with only one or two kids need to spend a day with me

    Quote Originally Posted by walterick
    I kinda wanted to see a picture of the Barbie with pink boots and a saddle.

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    Re: Ramblings from my house

    I just took my 11 going on 18 year old daughter to the airport to fly to camp in Maine this morning. I've been spending the day playing with my new MacBook Pro and trying to make it act like a real computer. I have to admit, this thing is cool.
    Currently trying how to set the epson print drivers properly in Nikon Capture NX so the printer output matches the screen as close as possible. The cat is in my lap because it already misses my daughter, his pet, and the dog is right next to the chair I'm sitting in. She is a 12 year old Golden Retriever who is very nervous all the time, hates the water and is afraid of any type of loud noise. Oh yearh, I've managed to squeeze 9 holes of golf and about 4 loads of laundry.

    Being a teacher with summers off sure is cool.
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