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    Pro L Lens canon

    JSPhoto and alike HELP!!

    Ok all you pro's. I need some help, I just received my 28-300L and its not as impressive as I expected. In fact I think the clarity and consistency is equal or better with the 100-300 USM. I am trying to justify keeping this thing but now I am very confused. I have taken several test shots and the photos are equal on screen. Where should I be seeing the major differences? Also when I turn on the IS and try to AF it makes a hollow clank inside, normal or not? I don’t hear it on my 28-135 IS as loud.

    I will say it focuses faster and I like the fact I can be about a foot away and use the total range of the zoom. But is it really that much better?

    Thanks in advance for saving me money or making me feel comfortable with my purchase.

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    Zoom Range

    You're paying for zoom range, faster aperture, and better auto focus. The "L" designation doesn't automatically mean the image quality will be better than any non-L lens. Every zoom lens requires optical compromises and the wider the range, the more the compromise. So the 28-300 is about the convenience of having one lens with that huge range. If the image quality is the same as your 100-300 with longer range, better auto focus, and a faster maximum aperture, with the same image quality, then I think it sounds pretty good.

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    Re: Pro L Lens canon

    I'd be concerned about the "clunk" you hear, you shouldn't hear anything. Sounds like there is a problem with this lens. Was the packaging damaged at all? If not call the place you bought it and ask them to exchange it, if so try and get them & and the shipper to replace it.

    As for quality, I recently saw a thread somewhere that showed two different 28-300's being very different quality wise in a test straight off the shelf so you can get one that is "off" quality wise.

    You are correct, the AF is great on the these things speed wise, but compared to the 70-200 f2.8 USM IS it seems slow

    Let me know what you find out.


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