The Politics of Fashion Photography Part 5 The Naked Truth

The Pyramid & The Naked Truth

I have been privileged to be part of many forums that feature many types of photography. Of course amongst those are those wishing to break in to the fashion sector or are already doing so with some semblance of success.

There is in my opinion a need for photographers to capture images for clients in need of fashion oriented subject matter of all types, from catalogues to press kits and from print advertising to billboards. Every major city has a vital fashion centric community and support system. Local magazines, webzines and local advertising caters to the needs of that community.

The fact of the matter is that every major city centre has there echelon or pyramid of power system and even within those communities there are sub groups. However once you go beyond the local in to the regional, that becomes a completely different game with a more complex set of rules. Beyond the regional, I believe lies the world stage. Once you break beyond the regional confines you are starting to play with others competing for National and World Wide campaigns and editorials. A photographer based in a major centre can compete on the world stage in many ways and one of those routes is via Internationally recognized editorial exposure. Why? Because major AD Agency Art Buyers spend a lot of their time looking through those magazines to see who is doing what and for a major campaign, fly John Doe from Madrid for his distinctive style is not a big deal.

Just try to imagine overlapping triangles that touch one another but are only connected by the top 2-3 percent of the apex. That may be a bit too generous. That 2-3 percent is the combined talent of every one of those local touching regional and eventually national-world wide. Major magazines and syndicates represent the zenith of those pyramids.

Now, this may seem rather simplistic, but every local market can birth individuals who can and will make that major climb up that proverbial mountain and seat themselves near or at the top. However and this is my point, there will always be a need for local talent to fill the void but those who went on to another place only to fill the next space left by the next person who left.

Everyone loves a Local Hero, but people even Love a Local Hero more if they return to a Joyous Home Coming.

Feel free to ask questions. I left this article vague for many reasons. One; I want you to think about your own circumstance. Two; I have been through the process and up and down the slide on a few occasions and Three; Illuminate me with your own perspective on the subject.

Best Wishes and May we all Win at least once in our Lives…