You might know them as a Stylist, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Editor, Fashion Coordinator or Accessory Stylist etc. But one thing I have garnered from frequenting the forums, is how little attention is paid to them by "Fashion Photographers" (i'll explain the " later), models trying to put their books together and that part of the industry that think they know the industry.

Now one of the things many of you may not have known, is that many stylists started off their lives wanting to become Fashion Designers and spent quite a bit of their time studying at some of the best schools for Fashion Design in the World. Now just think about that for a moment. No, REALLY think about that for several moments. Think of the implications. If you cannot at this juncture in time, you will understand the importance of this sometime in your life time. Better sooner than latter, I hope. I won't fill in the blanks, but allow you to do so.

A Stylist does a lot more than just go to the Press Attache's offices to choose the clothing, accessories etc. for up and coming shoots. They also make their living as Fashion Consultants for major designers and design houses. They will be asked to put together mood boards for companies looking to define their look in the public domain. They are called upon to determine and define fashion and beauty trends in society as a whole. They are often called upon as well to plant seeds into the social fabric via special events, concerts, fashion shows and seminars. They are asked by major magazines to contribute their expertise and add to the richness of the content of those magazines. They are also journalists, that often realize their goal as Editor in Chief via what they penned for others. They are Art Directors and Copywriters.

A Fashion stylist has to have a broad stroked understanding of the Biz and know their Chanel from Fendi in a blink of an eye. They also have to know who did what in which and when and with whom. If they don't, they aren't. It is as rude as that.

However, in most cases, when I have observed discussions of the Forums that claim to be privy to this info, rarely does the notion of a stylist, nor the importance of one ever surfaces. Without the right stylist for the intended goal, you might as well go fishing. At least you'll be able to feed yourself and perhaps capture a few nice snap shots. These "photographers" professing to shoot fashion, can't really be fashion photographers! If they were, they would realize that what they are cataloging is suppose to be just that, photographers shooting and interpreting"WHAT IS IN FASHION!" Not some model in a pair of generic jeans, halter top or none at all and a pair of Nikes.

Without the Fashion Stylist, your efforts will not aid in realizing your goal, other than in retrospect.

More on this in my next installment...I'm too frustrated to continue right now...Oh the (") is being used here as a question mark.