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    Nikonowhore zerodog's Avatar
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    A phrase that kills me!

    "There is no compensation but we will make sure to give you cred"

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad2:

    I am sick of hearing this from newspapers, or magazines backed by newspapers or anyone else for that matter. They say, "I was at the event but my camera just didn't get good shots" That's right bitches. Because it was dark or you didn't have good access and you were shooting with some POS. You didn't show up with $10,000 worth of gear to get the shots. Or have the knowledge of how to get them. I want to ask these people, "do you do your job for cred?" They say, "we just don't have the budget for it" Oh well........

    I think everyone just needs to say no. This crap has to stop. If you say no they move on to the next guy and so on. If everyone says no then maybe we have a chance. I don't expect to get paid $1000s or even $100s from a paper. Just something more than "cred" They pay their people to report on things and photograph things. They should pay you for your work as well.This seems to be the reason ALL news photos are going down the tubes. They are settling for free. And all we are doing is work for nothing.

    Thoughts on this please!

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    Learning more with every "click" mjs1973's Avatar
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    Re: A phrase that kills me!

    This is a topic that gets brought up and discussed a lot. I for one have made a rule to not give my photos away for free, with a few exceptions. If someone is getting something from me, I need to get something tangible in return. It doesn't have to be money, but it must be something. The exceptions would be for charity or things that I feel are a good cause.

    Many people who are giving away their work are not people who are making a living at photography, so it isn't a big deal for them. They want to see their name in print and that's good enough, because they are getting a paycheck from somewhere else. I don't think they realize that by doing that, they are taking a paycheck away from someone who doesn't have another source of income.

    It was in the news a few weeks ago that CNN had laid off a bunch of staff members, including several photojournalists. One of the big reasons for this was because of user generated content. People are willing to give their work away for free so a HUGE organization like CNN can profit off of it while at the same time, laying off it's staff. I'm pretty sure CNN has a rather large budget so why give them your content for free? This is just 1 example of what happens when people give away their work. You can read more about it here.

    Here is another article from a photographer who tired of people asking to use his work for credit. This Photograph Is Not Free

    I like to see my name in print just as much as the next person, I just prefer to see it printed on a check as well.

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    Senior Shooter Greg McCary's Avatar
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    Re: A phrase that kills me!

    Well my home town news paper has one of the finest photographers I have seen I would certainly hate to see him replaced and Iphone pictures in the paper. I for one am glad our local paper still pays a photog. He gave a short class and critiqued photos. It was very informative and interesting. His name is Ryan Smith.
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    Re: A phrase that kills me!

    Photo credits don't buy camera gear or food. Whenever someone asks me for free photos, I ask them if they do their job for free. That usually makes them stop and think.

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