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    Paper for Injets - What do you use?

    I have an old Epson 870 inkjet and have been using Epson's Premium Glossy Photo Paper and like the results better than other cheaper papers that I tried. A couple weeks ago I spotted a box of 100 sheets of Ilford Galerie Professional Inkjet Photo Range-Smooth Glossy Paper for about $23 in Sam's Club. Since Ilford Galerie was a friendly brandname from darkroom days and a quarter a sheet looks pretty good for price I gave it a try. It seems to be the equal of my Epson paper and the spec sheet lists some good archival time (IMHO).

    It got me to wondering what folks here use. Also, I have seen a couple posts in the past couple weeks saying that they would never use anything than some matte finish paper and I wonder about that too because I usually think a glossy print looks better.

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    I recently bought a couple of packs of Epson Photo Quality Glossy Paper (141 gsm) and my general opinon is that it is rubbish. It feels far thinner than than it's weight suggests.

    Currently I use Ilford paper (238 gsm) for personal use, not bad but I am still using my stocks of their pre-Galerie offering. This is on a HP 690c, it is getting on a bit but I would never by a HP again. (I now do 99% of my printing on my office printer, below)

    At my office I use HP photo paper, glossy (175gsm) which seems to be quite a good paper, recommended for the price. I use this on a brand new Epson Stylus Photo R300 which is easily the best photo printer that I have ever seen, stunning results. However it's text printing is quite poor. It is very thirsty but the cartridges are quite cheap (although there are six to replace).

    I have never used matte finish paper as I always think it is a bit too arty for my style of photography (usually motorsport).

    Hope this helps, anyone else got anything to add?

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