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    OT: What's this paypal class action lawsuit, settlement thing?

    I've had a paypal acct since may of 2000. Today I got a huge email about how I could be entitled to part of a 9 million dollar settlement since i created my account between oct of 99 and jan of 04 (basically, paypals life). I looked around google, and it's a legit thing. Some people in california apparantly have gotten paypal to settle over something.

    Has anyone heard of this or knows what it's about? I have very little legal knowledge, so I read this email and it doesn't make sense. PayPal never did me wrong, but it seems I am a member of the "class" that is being settled with.

    Anyone care to enlighten me?
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    Hey Sean, this is the link to the official site, not sure if it is in plain english or not... ;) but here you can also file a claim if you wish to do so. Hope this helps!
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    From the little I've read...

    ...I seem to remember it involved double billing customers, nickel and dime stuff, but adding up when you consider the number of users.

    Still, I'm not completely sure. I guess checking your invoices would be a good way to start to figure out if you're affected by this.

    I couldn't get the link Kristin left to work, but I'm sure you can find out more info on the web...
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