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When parents send their children to study It must be expected that the selected educational institutes will exert knowledge to students. Along with cultivating virtues And ethics for children So that they grow with quality And be a good person of society
However, it cannot be denied that today there are many schools that are not up to standard. Especially personnel who are known as teachers Until the parents do not dare to trust Because they are not confident in the safety of their children
It is a class for young children in kindergarten. And elementary school Causing even more anxiety Because they are not sure whether their children will be harmed or not because even those who practice the teaching profession are not able to perform their duties as they should.
For this reason, the Cabinet (Cabinet) has approved the establishment of early childhood development standards to enhance early childhood development. And used as a national standard With the goal of ensuring that all Early Childhood children receive care Develop body, mind, discipline, emotion and intelligence to suit the age
By General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister stated that Establishing the National Early Childhood Development Center Standards It is the primary standard necessary for the development of a country's child. For a quality start to life
Why is it important to early childhood?
Primary children who have not yet completed 6 years of age It is the age where various areas of development are the fastest. And is an important foundation for development in the next age, children at this age are very important human resources of the country.
If the children are properly cared for according to their age, they can grow into good, quality adults and will be a vital force for the country in the future.
That means Early childhood development is the foundation that affects the quality and performance of people throughout their lives. And is the most worthwhile investment
The number of teachers / carers must be related to each other.
Besides academic instruction courses are also important things Personnel management to have the teacher ratio And caring for the child properly Sufficiency towards the number of children in each age group has to be important as well. ambbet