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Thread: One For Troy

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    One For Troy

    Talk about a grab shot! I saw this guy starting his takeoff roll, pulled over, unzipped my camera bag, grabbed the camera, opened the door and there he was!

    Cessna of some kind. I haven't got a clue about the model though. :-O

    I'd guess it's a 152, but I'm not up on civilian aircraft, as you well know.
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    Man, it's hard to tell from this angle but I think you're right. Looks like a 152. I don't think the door is big enough to be a 172. It's not a 150 because it's got a single exhaust pipe. 150's have two.

    We've had some beautiful weather here and I can't find an airplane to rent! I've got the urge bad, especially after a good friend of mine was hurt in a freak accident a couple weeks ago. Drove home the point that you never know when you might get hurt...or worse. Do what you love...NOW. Don't wait! That's another reason I've been shooting a lot more.

    Thanks for posting buddy. I'm about to post another challenge for you aircraft buffs.
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