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    A loooong way from 1000! Cowgirl's Avatar
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    Oct 2000

    Not my last wedding

    but here's one from a several weeks ago. The B&G were fun. The Groom is a Canadian Pro Hockey Player. Bride is from Texas. So half of the wedding was in French other half English.
    100+ degrees, and I was soooooooooooo exhausted and dehydrated. I also injured my knee at this wedding, and it has been bothering me ever since. I've been wearing a knee brace at all other weddings since.

    Canon 10D
    Canon 17-40 F4, 50 1.8, 28-135 IS

    I can honestly say that I've been "Hodgyified".

    Thanks again Hodgy and everyone else for those ideas and inspirations!

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    A loooong way from 1000! Cowgirl's Avatar
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    Oct 2000
    A couple more...
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    New Jersey

    Lovely images Kathy

    Hi Kathy,

    These are great. All of them are nice, but I especially like the last one.

    BTW, how did that 70-200 lens work out for you?


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    Small Photo Business Dave E.'s Avatar
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    Jan 2004

    Time for a wedding photo discussion board?

    It could be. Nice images Kathy. Shot a wedding myself on Saturday. This image is available light compliments of the Canon 100-400 L IS lens.

    Keep posting. It really helps to view others work.

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