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    Faugh a' ballagh Sean Dempsey's Avatar
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    Nikon people - I need help! 70-200 VR lense... problems with it

    My Nikon friend has a 70-200 VR, uses it on the D100.

    Here's the ONE presenting problem:

    Look at something that will be in the infinity focus range, a far mountain. Autofocus on mountain. Lense focuses short, mountain is blurry. He then manually focuses the lense as far as it will go, to infinity and beyond. The moutain goes out of focus, and then when you autofocus again, the mountain will be in perfect focus.

    Wow I hope that is clear, let's try it in another form:

    1. Focus on distant object, Autofocus leaves it blurry, slightly focused in front of object
    2. manually focus lense past the object
    3. Autofocus again, focus comes back to object, this time in clear focus.

    There are no other focus problems, and this only happens on objects in the approximate "infinity" range.

    Has anyone seen or heard of this, and is this something that should require the lense to be sent in? Like I said, there are no other focus problems, it works fine in all other situations.

    Thanks for the help.
    A good craftsman never blames his tools.

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    I have the exact same set-up and I have never had that problem. Sometimes the lens focuses on the wrong part of the pictures, but that's my fault. I'd suggest sending that in because the VR lenses are expensive and he paid for that warrenty too... If he is hesistant to send it in, he should call Nikon first and explain the problem to them and see what they recommend.... sometimes.....maybe Nikon could be helpful.... *smile*

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