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    Newbie needs help

    Great site! Thanks.

    New here and wondered how I post a photo? Having loadsa problems with my new toy and I am eager to get some help, but I guess you folks need to see the pics before you can help and this teddy has yet to work out how to post a pic...? Please help
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    Re: Newbie needs help

    When posting a reply, there's a section underneith the edit box called "Additional Options" from there you can upload your images and 'attach' them to the post.

    Alterntive, sign up for a free account with someone like and use that to host your images and use the [img] tags.
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    Re: Newbie needs help

    Hi and welcome. You can post directly here without a separate hosting site like Photobucket - either way is fine. Most photos here usually get sized to about 600 pixels on the longest side of the shot so they're easy to see on screen.

    Posting a shot is a great way for us to help you with problems. A picture is worth a thousand words, of course... Check out the Help Forum on this site for posts like that.

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