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    Need help mounting Photos

    Does anyone know how to mount prints on Masonite or on artboard? I need to do this for a project I am working on. I couln't find any good books on Amazon.



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    Might have been better to post this on the Help Files forum. ViewFinder is more about sharing ideas and photos. Help Files is the place for technical questions and problem-solving.

    The best and normal way to mount photos to any kind of board is to laminate it. But you need a huge, expensive lamination machine to do that. You could pay someone to do it. That would get the best results, but it would be expensive. You could also try spray-on glue. I think that might be the only method available to regular people. If you do try that, do some tests to make sure it will work and you know what you're doing. You don't want to screw up any important, final prints.

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