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    which is my original?

    or is any of them an original scan? i DL'd some tiffs I had on CD and am trying to figure out which is most "original". They ended up on the CD's either by me when I had them last printed(these files also have the labs color profile assigned, the image size is for larger prints 9"x14", the file size is ~30M, pixels are about 4200x2800 at 300 resolution)

    or they were on a recovery CD from when my HD crashed a few years ago(these don't have the labs profile assigned but are 4"x6" for cards i had made, pixels are 1800x1200 at 300 resolution and the file size is about 6M).

    I would guess the second group is either the originals or originals that i tweaked before i knew about making a copy to tweak to retain the true original scan and the larger files were then tweaked from these to make larger prints. :idea: strangely, when i remove the color profile from the lab back to sRGB like the smaller files, they do not look like the smaller files. yet they did with the labs profile assigned, while the smaller files are in sRGB.

    I want to re-edit or prepare them for prints again, but not sure what file to use for best results. Seems the smaller file would limit how large i could print, unless i "resampled" when i resized. but then that's probably what I did to get the larger sizes since the numbers upscale within my 2 sizes.

    so, now out of breath, is there a way to tell which is original? are none original? which file would you use if you were "re-starting"

    i would just rescan for another "true original" scan but that can be expensive at $20-$50 a slide depending on quality of scan.

    thanks for reading all this. and any suggestion appreciated

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    Re: which is my original?

    right click on one of the files
    click properties
    check the dates for the most "original" image and compare it to the other ones

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