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    My new bird friend

    The one bad thing about having a wife that works at a pet store is that people drop off all sorts of animals. Especially with rising gas and food prices,people can not afford to feed there exotic pets. So my wife and I being a softy for animals we recently was given Mr,Green a eclectus male parrot. cage and all. He's worth thousands.. All most all of my animals were given to us. one day I will take pics of all of them to soon.
    click here for the full size. Im so impressed with my new combo check out the eyes and you can see my umbrella

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    Re: My new bird friend

    Beautiful bird!

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    Re: My new bird friend

    Wow! I used to have an eclectus a few years ago. Stunning birds, especially when you pair him with a female. The females are bright red with purple(blue) under their wings. Not the best talkers, more of a soft coo-ing. Ours would sit and chat with himself all day long. They are very sociable and sweet birds.
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    Re: My new bird friend

    He is beautiful as are the others! Gracie is adorable!

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    Re: My new bird friend

    Beautiful bird and image. I used to date a girl that managed a pet store, and i know what your dealing with. Especially when some movie comes out, like 101 Dalmations. . .all of a sudden the Dalmation is the "in" pet and everyone gets one. They are not the ideal indoor dog by any means and so about a year later you have all these Dalmations being given away or returned. . . crazy.
    Glad your bird got a good home with you.
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