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    Cool The Moon Occults The Pleiades

    On the evening of April 1st, the moon will occult (pass in front of, and block out) the Plieades. The Plieades, AKA the Seven Sisters, is a group of fairly bright stars that many mistake for the small dipper. It should make for an interesting show.

    Here's an article with more details:

    Also, for those of you who enjoy astronomy, Jupiter has a new Red Spot, about half the size of the Great Red Spot. The Great Red Spot is a storm about the size of the earth, that was first spotted by Gallieo in the early 1600's.

    Last but not least, there is a Comet heading our way, that has actually broken up into several fragments. The largest fragment is expected to become fairly bright. It will make an excellent target for those interested in astrophotography.
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    Re: The Moon Occults The Pleiades

    Sounds really interesting, unfortunately here, we have rain.

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    Re: The Moon Occults The Pleiades

    Hey Thanks! You answered my question!

    April's been really busy for me - but last night about midnight I finally had a chance to view the moon. I live at 9,000 feet in Colorado. I immediately noticed a small star at about 10 o'clock off the moon. It caught my attention as I didn't recall ever seeing a small star in that position.

    You just saved me trying a host of keywords at Google!

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