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    Memory Card Reviews...Please Read

    We all use them, but very few of us have ever writen a review on one. I think it would behoove everyone here to take a few minutes and follow this link to find their cards and just share your thoughts on them.

    Thank you!
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    John Cowan
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    Not-so-recent Nikon Convert livin4lax09's Avatar
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    Re: Memory Card Reviews...Please Read

    Almo, I think the reason no one writes reviews is that they all basically do the same thing. go with a well known brand, and it will do what it's supposed to, go with a cheap brand and it sometime's won't. I find no real need for reviews, I just find brand preference is the driving purchasing factor.

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    Re: Memory Card Reviews...Please Read

    There is a fantastic and large database of cards and technical tests with specfic cameras at

    This database is more extensive and complete than anything we could do here.
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