Bipolar disorder is known to be caused by an emotional disorder. Patients with bipolar disorder tend to have superslot wallet mood swings. Good or bad, the script will be good, mood, awake, unusual. The chapter is evil, it is aggressive. Passionate Or may have severe depression
Hello Doctor, let's bring you everyone to know mania, also known as Abnormally good mood It is another emotional state of bipolar disorder.
Get to know mania
Mania (Mania or Hypomania) or abnormal emotional state. It is most common in patients with bipolar disorder. It is caused by emotional disorders that result in the patient having an abnormally good mood. Are alert all the time
For patients with bipolar disorder who are under mania May occur alternating with depression Or have an aggressive temper if left for a long time without proper and proper treatment In addition to having an impact on daily life, it also affects the state of mind.
What are the causes of mania?
Although mania It may be one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder. But mania can be caused by other causes and factors as follows.
Alcohol or drug use Changes in sleep habits Depression Have a high level of stress Side effects from taking certain medications Mania symptoms In patients with bipolar disorder