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    Macro Field Work - Questions, Ideas and PICTURES

    I love macros. But, I have some questions and ideas about them. Firstly, I do all my shots in the field, no studio work here, which limits some things but makes other things possible. Does anyone here use focusing rails? I am looking at getting the Novoflex rails, they seem to be almost essential, especially if I want to use extension tubes, which I do. Does anyone here use focusing rails or extension tubes for their macros?

    Also, out of about 80 shots, less than 10 were in perfect focus. I wear glasses that are a -3.25 rx, so my vision is really poor, and I am wondering if my glasses in combination with the viewfinder are giving me false positives when I am manually focusing. I am hoping the focusing rails can help me get a finer and more consistent focus.

    Here are some shots from Whipple Trail yesterday. All taken with a Sigma 105 (no tubes or tc's)

    The spider had made its web between 2 crossed plant stalks, in the archway of the stalks. Was pretty incredible.

    The Caterpillar is just that... some striking colors on him.

    The flower is a field shot, taken at 1/2000 with the 550ex being handheld beneath it and about an inch away.

    A good craftsman never blames his tools.

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    On focusing, remember that the zone of acceptable focus will be about 1/3 in front of the focal point and 2/3 behind so you have to decide how wide your zone of focus is going to be for a given aperture and make sure you focus on an appropriate point.

    Maybe set up a test shot with a few items on a coarse cloth so you can easily see your depth of field and kinda practice with different apertures.

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