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    looking for advice: the best schools in north america?

    I posted this in the business section of the board, but thought that maybe this is a better location (i'm new to this site).

    I have a university degree in media studies, and have been doing freelance photography work for the past 3 years, while also working for a school newspaper as photographer.

    I own a D70 as well as a few other film SLRs and i'm looking to learn some very logical, technical and necessary skills in order to give me a better advantage in the market (i also want to explore medium and large format photography).

    I am looking to go to school in either Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, California or New York. Las Vegas is also an option.

    If anyone has recomendations for colleges/schools in these areas which are up to par with current industry standards, i would greatly appreciated your input.


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    Re: looking for advice: the best schools in north america?

    Welcome to!

    One of the best business-oriented photography schools is Brooks, in Santa Barbara, CA. It was recently bought by one of those computer/business technical school companies and it may have changed a bit. But every person I've met who graduated from Brooks had an excellent technical and photo-business education. San Francisco Art Institute is good, too. In Chicago there's what I think is called The Museum School. That may be more of a fine art program. And in New York there's International Center for Photography (ICP), Parsons (Long Island), and Rochester Institue of Technology in Rochester. All of those are good schools. I know there are also photojournalism programs at some schools although I can't think of any right now. There's a photo school links page on the site, too:

    Thanks for checking us out. Hope you get more than one answer. The Schools and Workshops links page is actually really good. Make sure to take a look. And good luck!

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    Re: looking for advice: the best schools in north america?

    In the Toronto Area

    Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning a great school, I just graduated from their Systems Anaylist program. Great environment and industry standard. In fact they bring in industry leaders to help design the course content.

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