I rented one for the weekend. I have to say it is not at all easy to use. And, I really suck at manual focus. Throwing in the tilt in every direction makes it even more of a challenge. So here is what I got with the lens baby composer. Not sure what I think. Kind of cool, defiantly weird. Like some people have said, "take your expensive DSLR and turn it into a weird toy camera". But these are not really holga like. That comparison is not a good one. The weirdness of these comes from the tilt, not light leaks and inconsistent focus ability. These were all shot with my 300s. I didn't try on the D3s. I think I would have liked the slightly wider view the full frame would offer better for these shots. What do you guys think of these? Good or a waste of time?

Setting a trials meet.

My buddies dog.

Ice coming off of a lake. Fished for a bit. Before the storm hit. No fish for me.

The mountain bike ride.