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    learning the new MacBookPro navigates easily enough. It runs smoothly, sounds great when I play music. I love the Itunes feature and the dashboard widgets. Getting it configured to communicate with my wireless router took a lot more work than my mac using friends indicated. The thing I've noticed so far is that when it works, it's beautiful, when it doesn't, it's a pain to configure and fix. Guess I'm just used to XP. Anybody know if entourage will sync with windows based pda's? Well, more playing....
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    Re: learning the new MacBookPro

    when it works, it's beautiful, when it doesn't, it's a pain to configure and fix.
    Oh yes, that's a Mac for you. And you try finding a Mac expert to fix it.
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    Guess I'm just used to XP.
    It's just the same for a Mac user coming to the dark side

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    Re: learning the new MacBookPro

    When you need to configure something, first place you should look is the built-in help. Unlike on Windows, it's actually helpful.

    Second, go to system preferences and just type what you need into the spotlight area in the upper right.

    I found configuration to be one of the easiest things to do on OS X. Just forget that being inundated with lots of menus and buttons means you get more options to configure. Almost everything in OS X is easier not because power is taken away from you, but because the truly useful stuff is most emphasized. If you really need to tweak, all the config files are XML, just power up Vi and you're set to go.

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