Binge Eating or Eating Disease It is a disease in which the patient has symptoms of eating large amounts of superslot wallet food repeatedly, unable to control their own eating behavior. Without any behavior trying to lose weight There are many reasons May include depression And can be stressed too
People with persistent eating disorder They tend to eat large amounts of food without being hungry, not knowing that they are hungry or full. Should stop eating now As a result, weight gain is rapid. And finally get fat They are also often sensitive to negative feelings from their peers on behavior related to their deformation. Until causing further symptoms of depression or stress
Observable symptoms include
Patients often feel ashamed or disgusted after eating large amounts of food.
Depressed mood or anxiety
Eating a lot of food to the point of discomfort or suffering
Continue to eat food. Without being able to stop
Having feelings of being unable to control food intake
Eat in the middle of the night
Food is hidden around the house. To prepare to eat anywhere and anytime
Unstable weight gain
Having embarrassment and trying to avoid sex
Has an abnormally reduced level of confidence
How to treat persistent eating disorder
Psychological treatment is effective in nearby treatment. Or above using drugs Therefore, doctors may consider psychological treatment along with medication. For better treatment efficiency
Treated by modifying eating concepts and behaviors, with the goal of reducing the frequency of binge eating, reducing the high energy intake. This includes improving the self-image of the patient.
Deal with current psychological problems such as depression and mental conflicts of the patient Including the conflict of the patient himself with the environment
If you have such symptoms Or seeing an acquaintance with an eating disorder It is advisable to see a doctor immediately.