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Thread: Just a thought.

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    Just a thought.

    It is very useful being a part of this group. I used to get frustrated about how few views I got on devart. I got some. Whether you like my work or not, I consistently get views here and get lots of useful comments to boot. I think you guys have helped me get a bit better. I sure have refined my tone mapping technique since I started posting here.

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    Re: Just a thought.

    I may not comment on every photo you post but I do enjoy looking at them. I can see improvement with every post. Thanks for being a member here......
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    Re: Just a thought.

    I look at all your stuff too. I like your creative style or that you have one. Don't offer critique on many because it is beyond my knowledge,(as is most of life), but I do like to read the comments on them and learn from them.
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    Re: Just a thought.

    Another important factor is that your style, techniques and ideas help amateurs like me look at things differently and try things we may never have thought of before. This thing is definitely a two-way street.

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