So, I got my mother the Kodak Picture maker for christmas and I like it so much, quality, portability, etc, that I want to get one for myself! This does not use the ink that the other photo printers use, it uses 4 color (CMYK) layer lamination coating that is absolutely beautiful and like a regular photograph. I played with several others in the stores and must say that are no where near the quality and ease of use as this one, and the price was only $179, whereas the others were all a bit higher!

Any camera that has PictBridge technology, Canon EOS users included, can use this printer - you need not use the kodak cameras, as they may try to force on you in the stores. I think the guy felt like a moron when I told him I already had 4 cameras and really didn't need another (Well, I wanted the Sony Cybershot with the 2.5 inch LCD display that she can actually see! Another strong recomendation if you want to get someone with bad eyesight a camera.).

So check them out! If you do portraits, they are great for instant gratification!