The Dangers of Blue Ring Ink
Blue band ink or Blue Ring ink is the superslot ink in the genus. Hapalochlaena Giant Squid Rank It is a small type of ink, featured in the body color that is a circular, blue or purple ring-like color that can glow when threatened. Cut the body background white or green.
Blue Ring ink is toxic from both bites. Or punch the victim To inject the venom into the victim's body And if there are animals or people to come into contact with ink blue ring It may be toxic from the ink itself.
Blue-ring ink contains toxic glands that can bite and release venom. Including the various parts of its own body, there is a hidden poison Causing anyone to accidentally eat it, it can be poisoned as well

Blue ring ink poisoning is caused by bacteria living in its salivary glands. (Bacillus and Pseudomonas bacteria) Tetrodotoxin and bacterial toxins are also found in the ink eggs.
It is assumed that this is the process of transferring the toxin from the mother ink to the offspring. Which can even be found from birth
In the waters of Thailand there is at least one blue-ringed octopod (out of 3-4 species), Hapalochlaena maculosa, can be found on both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.
The toxic glands of this ink are located in the mouth (salivary gland), not distributed throughout the body. People who have been poisoned are often caused by it being bitten. Not from touching the body The poison of this type of ink will not decay when heated. If used to cook until cooked And eat it Is also vulnerable to danger Therefore should never be bought to cook for eating
In addition, Blue Ring ink poison is resistant to heat up to 200 degrees, so a simple grill. Therefore unable to reduce the toxicity of Blue Ring ink
Blue Ring Ink Poison How severe is it?
The blue ring is one of the most toxic aquatic creatures in the world. Several times stronger than sea snakes And it is also 20 times stronger than cobra venom. The toxin of the blue belt ink is called tetrodotoxin. (tetrodotoxin) is the same toxin found in puffer fish. And may cause people who have been poisoned with the following symptoms
Muscle weakness
The diaphragm was immediately paralyzed. Making it impossible to bring air into the lungs
May die within 2-3 minutes.
First aid methods When the ink was poisoned.
First aid needs to find a way to bring air into the lungs, such as blow the mouth, and must be urgently referred to a doctor. To use a ventilator If saving lives is the result Patients recover within 24 hours unless they are asphyxiation for too long and brain death.
How to treat patients who have been poisoned by blue ring ink.
Blue Ring Ink Poison There is no direct drug treatment. People who have been poisoned will need to stay put on the ICU until the poison has gone off on its own. People with good immunity may be safe. But if someone has a very bad immune system The body can't fight It may cause respiratory failure and eventually death.
So the best protection Is to avoid touching Completely consume blue ring And should avoid shops that do not know their origin Or what kind of food will be best sold