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From May to around October Our home climate is "rainy season" plus some storms. Or the monsoon blows in to join again in waves causing many areas to have heavy rain Will not avoid any problems that follow
Especially the unsolvable human office problems in the capital Although some people have their own cars But in the end, he escaped the waterlogging, waiting to drain and did not survive. When driving through high flood waters Some cars can not go, they have died in the middle of the road For those who do not have a car that is heavier, will get wet, which rain will wait for a long time because of the shortage of the car, which traffic jams will have to dodge the car that drives the splash, so when we cannot control the rain Let's see how to survive a little better Provision as a way for all office workers to have a more or less better quality of life
1. Get slippers to leave at the office.
During the rain every day, morning, day and evening like this, office workers should have some sticky “slippers” left at the office. Especially people who have to wear leather shoes Shoes Or sneakers on a regular basis When it rains, you won't have to wade through the water with good shoes. Because the slippers are easier to clean And if the condition is too humiliated Will be thrown away without much regret
2. The necessary equipment must be attached to the bag.
These are all things that everyone should have in their bags and bags, including hats, umbrellas, raincoats, plastic bags and wet toilet paper. These items will be very useful when we need them. If we have to go out and wade through the rain, level lightly, just put on a hat and finish. A little stronger than that, spread an umbrella. And if using a motorbike or walking on a raincoat is safer. Something wet is stuffed into a plastic bag. Legs messed up, then use toilet paper to wipe I guarantee that life is definitely better than when you don't carry anything.
3. Rain shoes are good.
The problem for pedestrians that most hates rainy days is because it is "messy", even more on a Bangkok footpath, and may slip and fall on a broken head. Or being hit by the sewage from the brick furrows But now there is an invention designed to solve this problem: “rain boots.” Its characteristics are similar to hiking boots, but shorter. Can also walk wade through the flood comfortably, easy to clean as well
4. Always check the weather through the app.
Before the time to look at the weather, each time may have to wait to rely on TV, radio or newspaper news. What the weather will be like from now on But today, the internet allows us to know in real time. And the forecast is quite accurate and easy to use, just press into the application and know When loaded, try to keep using it to see the weather, for example, check the wind direction, rain direction, in order to plan how this morning and evening will survive the rain.
5. Get permission to go back if possible.
This method cannot be done in every office. But most of them are a small office with not many people and kind boss. Not very serious He might compromise. Or chase us back before it rains The remaining work will gradually be done when you get home. Because at the very least, employees who do not have their own cars may already have boarded. Which will not get wet in the rain But if it is a large office, many people try to negotiate first. In case there is a chance to escape the rain first
6. Wait for the rain to stop and return.
If the heavy rain lasts until the end of work But there is still hope that the rain is about to stop. Then ask you to be patient and wait a moment to return Because if you venture out at that time, it's wet anyway. Plus also encountered a terrible traffic jam In the end, it's irreversible Sitting and waiting in the office is more comfortable than ever by checking the traffic conditions on the way to return to that condition. If the condition worsens, the rain has stopped, then let's go home.

7. Leave (as appropriate) is the last option.
If the heavy rain is in the morning As we leave the house But the rain poured heavily, the water flooded, the car stuck. If you see the situation is not good. Don't leave the house to get into trouble. "Can't turn back Let go and not reach "because in the end We might get stuck on the road instead. Which is the most bad for mental health, so "taking leave" is no less interesting In this regard, you must consider whether to take a full day or half day leave. So that you will not lose the day off, business leave or vacation all day ambbet