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    Re: If visiting Indy, don't take pics of any.....

    I remember sitting at the end of the runways at MCAS Yuma and watch the jets take off. This was shortly after I got out of the Navy at the end of the Vietnam war. I took some pictures and would sit for hours just watching the touch and go's. I can't imagine what would happen to me now if I tried to do that. The entire Marine Corps contingent would probably be mobilized, just for a little sightseeing.
    I sometimes wonder why I joined up. I thought it was to support the freedom of all of the U.S. citizens. I guess it was all for naught. I feel like I'm in Mother Russia or Nazi Germany. I guess we should just turn the red, white and blue into a crooked cross with a siclke through it. :-(
    Oh and btw, I don't feel any safer with the new laws and "security" features in place. It's all window dressing. Anyone with half a brain can easily figure out how to bypass most of the security issues.
    Oh well...just my 2 cents.

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    Re: If visiting Indy, don't take pics of any.....

    I was in Pearl Harbor awaiting transfer to a new duty station in 1968, and as it happened, the movie "Tora,Tora,Tora" was being filmed while I was there. At the time I had a movie camera, so there I was, happily filming the action when an SP stopped me and told me I couldn't shoot pictures while on the base. I put the camera away, and they didn't harrass me any more and I still have those movies. I just figured it was a security thing, so it didn't bother me too much. Of course, today I'd have never thought of shooting on a military installation without checking to see what the regulations are.
    I just think city and state officials use that as a crutch. Maybe we ought to print up copies of buildings and floor plans that we find on the internet, and if we get hassled, whip out the copies and show them where we got 'em.

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    Re: If visiting Indy, don't take pics of any.....

    In '04 I visited Wiesbaden, Ger, where I was stationed '62-'66. I lived at the BOQ, the American Arms when I first arrived and the three months before I left. Very casual environment.
    By '04, it was Central Command Hq. Barbed wire around the parking lot, multiple armed guards, bomb sniffing dogs.
    I explained to the guards that I had lived there, but when I tried to take a pic, I was damned near shot.
    Has any of these super protectors ever heard of Google Earth???????
    Their pomposity is just too much.

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    Re: If visiting Indy, don't take pics of any.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Frog
    I goodgled Indianapolis briefly. Found the floor plans for the Federal Court building
    That's too funny! I'll bet it was on a city government related site, too... So far it's only the federal government sending people to Guantanamo Bay - I don't think Indy is doing that yet. Hope not!

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    Re: If visiting Indy, don't take pics of any.....

    No offence to Indiana but the cops should be happy they have any tourists at all, let alone ones that stop to photograph the boring a*s architecture that "adorns" the city anyway.... Jerks.

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