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    Jan 2003
    Greenville, SC

    I used film! some shots from Urban Decay competion

    I got my first rolls of film back from the Urban Decay mtb competion today. I haven't really shot film using anything other than program modes until now. I like a lot of the shots.

    Please forgive CVS for the semi crappy scans, but they still came out quite well. Black and white 400 ISO film, some artsy crap included too.

    George Ryan


    Local ashevillain. Lots of interesting folks around that day.

    George Ryan I think.

    Ben, freshly broken.

    I think this is Jim Delaville (sorry if I mangled the spelling)

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    Jan 2003
    Greenville, SC
    The camera is a Canon Rebel, its my mom's. It is definately an older one, because she bought it when we lived overseas, but it still works great. I was using two different lenses, a canon 35-80mm and a canon 80-200 mm. Man these make me want a digital SLR bad! I need a job.

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    Planet Megan - Astoria, NY

    Artsy crap

    Just a question - and I'm not messing with you to be a jerk, I'm really truly confounded.
    Why is artsy "crap?" Why do people on this board depricate their efforts when they experiment and try to go beyond the boundaries of their "usual" mode of photography? Why is putting forethought into your work, or trying to be more artistic about ones work, something to comment on derisively, and roll ones eyes? Why is being artistic looked down on? Again, not singling you out, you're not the first person to post almost apologetically for their experimentation. It's just kind of funny.

    There's some good shots in there, and I thought what you were going for in the image of the sign with the blurred biker in the background is pretty cool. Go film!


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