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Thread: I need help...

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    I need help...

    Hopefully someone can help me on this. I have an idea I am going to use for an album cover for a band. There is a certain "feel" that I want to the photograph that is very hard to discribe. I would like it to seem almost like it is drawn.

    Than, the other day I was looking through a couple of magazines and I spotted a Camel cigarette ad for their "Roaring 2000's" promotion. The "feel" of the drawings were perfect. I was debeating with my friends if they were drawings or photographs.

    Hopefully someone has seen these ads, and if so
    my questions I would appreciate help with are these:

    A) How do I get that "feel"?

    B) Could those ads have been photographs that were "filtered" somehow?

    I obviously have no experience with photography at all, but I felt that a message board like this would be a great place to ask for assistance.

    Thank you in advance,
    Brian M

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    Adobe Photoshop is an awesome program that lets you edit and manipulate photography creating just about anything. But its a huge learning curve and expensive.

    What about contacting a local creative marketing business? Or contact a local Pro Photographer since you said that you are not a photographer?

    I have not seen that ads that you are talking about.

    Good luck


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