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    I found something cool in an old picture

    I never really looked at this picture because I didnt like it, I took it on auto mode the first day with my camera. But I just found something pretty cool in the background. Look between the two trees, and see the shadow of him. I think I am going to go back and shoot the same shot with better exposure, and also one of just the shadow if I can catch it. Just a fun little observation my friend (the rider) pointed out to me.

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    Ya gotta love shadow play..

    Good catch TP!
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    You're Learing!

    Good eye Andy!
    Shadow is a great composional element. It can often add at least one or two others..
    Like in the case of your image, the shadow is a repetition of the main subject.
    Keep shooting!
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    Jan 2003
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    Thanks! I think this is a pretty cool shot timing and framing wise, so I am going to go reshoot it with manual exposure, I took this the first day I got the camera.

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