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    How often do you shoot for fun?

    As a relative newby on this site, I'm curious to find out how often you go out to shoot, just for fun? I realize that some of you are professional and shoot everyday, but that's why I added "for fun". Put it another way, once you're done with your "day job" how often do you go out shooting?

    For me, I'm finding it very hard to get out and just take pictures during the week (and even some weekends). I generally carry my camera in the trunk of my car, but I'm finding that I don't get to use it as often as I would like. I would love to do more, but it's a struggle to find the time.


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    Re: How often do you shoot for fun?

    I shoot daily. I got into a small spell where I would have a hard time getting motivated so I started a Photo-A-Day gallery. Now it's my excuse to motivate.
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    Re: How often do you shoot for fun?

    My first rule of photography is, to have fun.
    So to answer your question.
    Because it's ALWAYS FUN!
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    Re: How often do you shoot for fun?

    Sometimes fun is a lot of work! But its interesting work getting composition, looking for and making adjustments for light, etc., etc.
    I get busy and tired at my age so once in a least once a week and usually more, I just get my camera gear and go for short drives or walks and pretty soon I see something and next thing you know I've got a hundred pics on the card. Once in a while I get lucky enough to have a keeper.
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    Not-so-recent Nikon Convert livin4lax09's Avatar
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    Re: How often do you shoot for fun?

    I actually find myself not shooting for fun very much anymore, which is something i recently noticed and am working on. I mean I guess i go to some games to get some fun shots, but in the end the real motivation is selling prints to the parents. I can't get into that trend, especially at such an early level in the career.

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    Sports photo junkie jorgemonkey's Avatar
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    Re: How often do you shoot for fun?

    I've been working so much, I can't remember the last time I shot for fun!

    Well actually I had a weekend off, and all I did was go shoot my bro in laws soccer game. I'm gonna be in Vegas for a week shooting the soccer tourny out there, hopefully I'll get a chance for some Vegas scenic shots
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    Re: How often do you shoot for fun?

    Well, considering I don't shoot professionally...

    Photography is all fun for me.
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    Re: How often do you shoot for fun?

    I just got back into photography. Ever since I first picked up a camera, photography had been a very peaceful place for me. A quiet time with time, and light. Walking through the woods and waiting beside a brook for the sun. Watching as the sun lit the mist like Gods own votive candle set to blaze for me alone. I think its like that for everyone who is really into photography. Like some stange prayer we hear and scribble down so we can share it with others. Proof of the experience.
    I lost almost every negative I ever shot about five years ago. It may be closer to the truth to say I had almost every negative I ever shot stolen from me but thats just semantics. I couldn't go near a camera after they were gone. I felt that loss in my soul. They were like children to me. I learned the hard way why I shot. It wasn't for fun, it had more to do with ego and passion, turmoil and redemption. I never shoot for fun. I shoot when I need to. Its a convoluted process with me.
    I hope I didn't get off topic, or needlessly dramatic, its something that i guess I needed to say, writing is kind of like photography for me, cathartic. (sp?)

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    Viewfinder and Off-Topic Co-Mod walterick's Avatar
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    Re: How often do you shoot for fun?

    I don't do this professionally, so when I do shoot it is for fun.

    I enjoy the process of photography. So much so, that recently when I was in Antelope Canyon I realized I was shooting with an empty camera. I didn't stop, I didn't get mad, I just loaded film in it and kept shooting. I was into the process of what I was doing and in the moment I wasn't concerned with the result.
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    Re: How often do you shoot for fun?

    A good topic.

    A long time ago (when I was about 1/2 my current age) I got so burned out doing "work" photography that I stopped shooting altogether other than the typical family and vacation stuff. Tried to get back into it in the 90's with a full color darkroom but found it to be more tedious than creative.

    When I finally jumped on this digital bandwagon a few years ago, everything changed. I've been extremely careful to pick only jobs which offer something of interest/challenge/excitement for me - turning down wedding opportunities and portrait work (which are not fun for me).

    I'm fortunate in that the bulk of my photography is with nature/wildlife. So I can easily find something to shoot in lieu of lunch or on the way home from the office. I shoot almost everyday and I can say that I'm having a blast!
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    It's rarely fun

    I'm an amateur. Sometimes I do weddings and books for other people. That's hard work, needs preparation, client to satisfy. It's no fun at all - apart from being with people who are usually my friends (before the shoot, anyway..)

    Most of the time I'm shooting for me and there it's more of a need to capture the moment. I've built up a calendar of events or things that I usually do - and the material that I usually use. Participating is more important than doing the pictures, but I would regret not bringing something back each time.

    Perhaps it's most fun when I'm doing something for the first time, and I don't know what to expect. I just shoot and see what comes out.

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    Re: How often do you shoot for fun?

    Thanks - this is a great post. Reading the responses motivated me, to be honest. I've been very busy the past 6 months between moving and beginning new work, that I lost motivation for a while. I think it's strange how we can love to do something, but put if off for no reason.....or just because we're tired or lazy or whatever.

    I put my camera in the trunk of my car this morning, but came right home from a meeting instead of looking for some photo ops. After reading these posts, I decided to forget about cleaning my place this afternoon - and go out to do some shooting.

    I'm not a professional, so anytime I do photography it's for fun. The problem is that I don't do it often enough. I need to actually put it in my schedule.

    Very interesting responses.......thanks for starting the thread.


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    Talking Re: How often do you shoot for fun?

    PC, great thread. You certainly got me thinking after reading all the replies. Being a seasoned amateur, all my shooting is for fun. Being new to digital, a lot of it is experimental as well. The fun of digital is that there are no film costs, so I can just shoot away and then only keep the images I like. I try, weather cooperating, to get out at least once a week for a few hours. It is very easy to get out into the country and find a slough that is covered with all kinds of birds. As well, in the city we have all kinds of parks where I can go and find a variety of birds and maybe some deer or other wildlife. We also have a world-class zoo and I try and get there a few times a year. It is all relaxing fun. :thumbsup:



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