This beautiful state park about an hour south-east of Columbus, OH was my detestation for the August Long Weekend, meeting up with my buddy Mat who's photos inspired me to visit the spot were up at the crack of stupid to make it there for 6:30am when the light was right. There are miles of trails so we only managed to get to two, the first being Old Man's Cave and Ash Cave. A return trip is certainly in order.

A return trip is certainly in order, maybe this December when I'm back in the area, weather depending of course.

Pacemaker Crown Graphic - Ilford HP5+ @ ASA-200 - Pyrocat-HD (1+1+100) 9:00 @ 20C
Following Lenses were used.
Schneider-Krueznack Angulon 1:6,8/90
Schneider-Krueznack Symmar-S 1:5.6/210
Fuji Fujinon-W 1:5.6/125